Bridge to Armenian Roots and Culture

May 13, 2022

On Friday, May 13, all the students were busy with artistic performances, meetings with artists, making handicrafts, attending workshops and, of course, singing, dancing and eating... In the morning cellist Ms Nayiri Ghazarian (who is also the school's music teacher), accompanied by Mr Joe Daw played three miniatures of Komitas. Then, some students played Armenian classical pieces on the piano and the violin. Ms Arpi Mangasarian talked about the importance of clinging to national roots, then she ran weaving and handicraft workshops. Workshops were also conducted by Mr Vazken Mughalian (painting), Mr Koko Avesian (sculpture), Mrs Arsho Avesian and Mrs Sona Mughalian (Armenian cuisine). It was an honour to host the painter Krikor Norikian, sculptor Mrs Gullen Der Boghossian and theatrical director Mr Vatche Adruni who talked to the students about art and answered to their questions. This useful event also had fun moments with intertwined songs and dances. the event coordinators were Ms Ani Bilalian and Ms Vartoug Fernezlian.